Embedding Videos

Videos can be one of the best multimedia approaches you can explore on your website. Mies offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to make the most out of them. In this article we will walk you through the various options you have in adding videos to your pages or projects.

Step 1 – How to Embed Videos?

One of the greatest things about WordPress’s functionality is that allows you to easily embed videos from a wide range of services out there. Just copy and paste the link from the supported services in the WordPress editor and it will automatically be transformed into a video (screenshot).

You can use this functionality in your pages or projects content sections (obviously on blog posts too). However, you can also play around with videos in the Description field of the Hero Areas. This will allow you to have a video over a background image, both embellished by smooth parallax effects. Here is a demo project that has a video in a Hero Area, just to get a better feel of what can be achieved.

Step 2 -How to add Background Videos in the Hero Area?

You can achieve even better results by adding background videos in the hero area. This way, you have the chance to grab attention from the scratch. This is quite straight forward, so here we go.

Any Media Library image has some custom fields added by the theme. One of these is Custom Video URL that allows you to attach a video URL to that image. You can use only YouTube or Vimeo videos.

Go to the edit screen of the page or project, and click on the Hero Area images in the right sidebar (screenshot).

The Edit Gallery modal window will open up. Click on the image you wish to transform into a video and you will see on the right-hand side the fields attached to it. At the bottom, there will be the Custom Video URL field together with a checkbox regarding autoplay (screenshot).

Now click on Update Gallery and save your page or project to share it with the world.

Bare in mind that each time we will find an image in the Hero Area that has a video URL attached, we will replace it with a responsive video (even if it’s a single image or multiple ones – a slideshow).

As a side note, is good to mention that the audio component of the video will not be present when you have just a single image in the Hero Area, but only when there is a slideshow.

Updated on August 25, 2020

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