Adding an eCommerce Store

Mies offers an eCom­merce inte­gra­tion with cus­tom styled sup­port for the WooCom­merce plu­g­in.

Note that this solu­tion is aimed at photographers/designers that have a few prod­ucts to sell. That’s why, to declut­ter the default WooCom­merce design inter­face, we dropped the sup­port for some fea­tures that we con­sid­ered worth­less for such a store (eg. reviews, search).

Step 1 – Install the WooCommerce plugin

In order to set up the online shop and start sell­ing your prod­ucts, you’ll need to install and acti­vate the WooCom­merce plu­g­in.

Step 2 – Configure the Image Sizes

Before adding any prod­ucts, based on your lay­out width, make sure you set the right image sizes by going to WooCom­merce → Set­tings → Prod­ucts → Dis­play → Prod­ucts Image area. We use the fol­low­ing sizes:

If you changed the Prod­ucts Images set­tings after you had already added your images and you want the new val­ues to be applied on your old images, you may want to use Force Regen­er­ate Thumb­nails plu­g­in to regen­er­ate them.

NOTE: Don’t for­get to enable WooCom­merce sup­port by going to Appear­ance→ Customize→Theme Options→ WooCom­merce.

All the gen­er­al aspects regard­ing WooCom­merce should be han­dled through their doc­u­men­ta­tion and sup­port.

This article applies to Border, Bucket, Heap, Lens, Mies, Pile, Rosa, and Timber as they share the same underlying structure.

Updated on June 5, 2017

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