Adding Social Login & Registration

Enable Social Login to reduce friction, increase conversion rates and improve your sales. Make account access easy and seamless, so your customers don’t need to remember another username and password.

Step 1  Add Login with Ajax Plugin

You must first install and activate the Login with Ajax (free) plugin. We’re using it to show the login form in an overlay box, not the regular WordPress login page.

*Note that if you want to use the Email Address for login, you need the WP-Email Login plugin.

Step 2 — Add Log In Button to the Navigation

You can place a Log In button in the Navigation menu by going to Appearance → Menus → User Menu section in the left sidebar and add the Log In item.

Step 3  Add and Configure a Social Login Plugin

Some solutions and plugins provide Social Login integration for your site. Even if many of them start with a free plan, there is usually a user registrations limit. Once the limit is crossed, a monthly fee applies.

Besides those, the WooCommerce Social Login premium plugin offers the same functionality (and even better integration with WooCommerce) with the difference that its price is a one-time fee.

So, we have chosen and tested three of the most famous and trusted plugins:

PluginPriceNo. of Registrations
WooCommerce Social Login$79Unlimited + Integration with WooCommerce
OA Social LoginFreeUp to 2500 users/year then From $8/month
WordPress Social LoginFreeUnlimited

If you ask us – we will go with the WooCommerce Social Login (used on the demo, too) as we’re providing some basic custom styling for it, but feel free to explore any of the free solutions.

For in-depth documentation, check out the official WooThemes Social Login Documentation. Basically, you only need to set up the provider list, and we will automatically add it in the Log In modal.

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Updated on July 22, 2021

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