Adding a Instagram Feed

If you’re a food blogger with a great passion for photography, Instagram is probably one of the social media platforms you are wandering on. If you’d like your readers to follow you on Instagram, here’s how to add a widget with your latest posts on your website.
We’ve tested for you lots of plugins that offer Instagram integration for your website. We strongly recommend Instagram Feed because it has multiple options on displaying an Instagram feed and is periodically updated to keep up with new standards.
Here’s how you can do the setup:
  1. Install the Instagram Feed plugin on your website
  2. On your Dashboard, on the left menu, go to Instagram Feed and configure your account. Be sure to add the Access Token and the User ID. At the bottom of the page click Save Changes.
  3. Go to Customize→ Appearance→ Widgets and select any widget areas you would like to add the Instagram feed too.
  4. Click on Add Widget and add a Text widget.
  5. In the Text widget, add the following shortcode: [instagram-feed]. Wait until the pages refresh, your Instagram feed should appear in the Preview Mode.
That’s all, you’re set with your Instagram feed! You can customize it even further and display your posts in various grids and styles. Just go to Dashboard→ Instagram Feed→ Display Your Feed. The Instagram Feed plugin offers extensive documentation and examples on the page. For example, if you would want to display only the last 8 posts on 2 columns, you should add the following shortcode to the text widget: [instagram-feed num=8 cols=2].

Tips and tricks

Vertical Instagram feeds at the end of the front page are a thing now. With the Instagram feed it’s quite simple to add one. Go to Appearance -> Customizer -> Widgets and navigate to any page that has a Footer widget area. Add an Instagram feed by following the steps above. To make a single row of posts, make sure that the number of columns is equal to the number of posts. For example: [instagram-feed num=4 cols=4].
Updated on August 25, 2020

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