Adding a Newsletter Subscribe Option

To foster a community around your website means to have a precise and witty strategy. While social media covers a half of this effort and it is more than welcomed, e-mail is more reliable in building trust. By offering an e-mail subscription, you raise the chances to keep an active dialogue with relevant people. Moreover, it’s another gateway for your audience to consume your content and share it with wider networks.

There are plenty of newsletter services out there. Jetpack Subscriptions from Automattic is, by far, one of the basics and most convenient options, available on as well. Nonetheless, it’s not a classic subscription form. They handle the subscriptions and regularly send the new posts you just published on your website. It might be the right fit if you want to focus on creating valuable content, not managing subscriptions.

On the other hand, if you want to stay hands-on in this area, then we highly recommend using MailChimp. Besides being a reliable and user-friendly tool that provides great flexibility, you can use it without costs within 2K e-mail addresses.

Now that you made your choice, here’s what you need to do next:

  • Install MailChimp for WordPress plugin
  • Log in into your WordPress Dashboard and click on MailChimp Settings
  • Get the API Key by following these steps
  • Get the List-Id by following these steps
  • Select Double Opt-in to let people know they need to click on a confirmation e-mail link

You can follow this article from MailChimp where you can find all the changes you need to make in order to set-up and create a newsletter form. Once everything is done, just simply go to MailChimp for WP → Form area and press the Get shortcode button. You need to paste this code wherever you want to display the newsletter form (in a widget or inside of a page).

Make it yours

Newsletter subscriptions (as any other form of interacting with your community) needs to be aligned with your brand’s voice and personality. With MailChimp for WordPress, you can easily adjust everything within minutes.

It has never been easier to do that. Just log into your dashboard, click on MailChimp for WP, and then on Settings for Popup. Now you have three main areas of customization: Core Setting, Color Setting, and Text Setting. You can play with all of them to offer the best experience and to encourage people to write down their e-mail address.


Which display options of the subscription are best?

It depends on your website’s profile. What’s important to keep in mind is the fact that nobody will subscribe from the first seconds of visiting. Let people read some of your content and get a clue about what’s in it for them. For instance, a good idea would be to display the popup on a single post only, after two minutes.

Do I have a limit regarding how many emails I sent?

No, you don’t. However, we suggest you keep a balance and don’t spam your audience. Let it know about things that matter, such as new blog posts, an interview you gave, a big thing you accomplished. Build trust one step at a time.

Updated on August 26, 2020

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