Adding your Logo

The logo is a crucial part of identifying a brand. It is what makes you-you as a symbol and a significant element to be recognized by the right people. Because of its huge relevance, we offer you two options to play with: you can add a graphic symbol (such as an image) or a text version (logotype). You choose a font, and we help you fine-tune the logo after its personality.

Of course, a stand-alone logo is not sufficient for creating a strong brand. You also need a system to correctly use all the elements: from logo to colors, from the visual identity to the verbal one. However, read further to learn what you need to do to insert a logo within your website correctly.

Before you start

In order to properly make things happen with the font, we highly suggest you take into consideration these factors:

  • File Formats
    You should be aware that a logo looks best in a .png or .svg format with a transparent background. If your logo file doesn’t have a transparent background, it’s likely that your logo will partly cover the background image.
  • Logo Size
    We encourage you to have a larger image for your logo. Try to use a high dimension of the logo, and we’ll do the rest by scaling it. This way the logo will adapt to any screen size (both desktop and mobile).

Adding a Logo Image

Now that you know what’s better to do when setting up your logo, here’s what you have to do in order to upload it on your WordPress site:

It couldn’t be easier than that, and you’ve already made an important step in order to personalize your upcoming website.

Using a Text Version

If you don’t have any graphic symbol that stands for your business, we recommend you choose the text option instead. It’s a good switch if you’re careful with details like the font and its size.

In this case, simply use the Site Title field under Site Title & Logo.

Updated on July 26, 2022

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