Managing Projects

As projects are the core of your work, with Fargo you have the right tools for enhancing your portfolio by giving each of your projects a unique layout, with a mix of images, and text alignments to unleash your creativity.

The projects are displayed as wonderful filmstrip galleries with the option to view the images as thumbnails as well. If you want to enrich your story you can also add text through the gallery just like it can be seen here.

You can choose a featured image for each project that will be displayed on the Portfolio Grid as a thumbnail for the current project. To make it more versatile, you can also choose a thumbnail hover – it can be an alternative background image when the mouse hovers the thumbnail.

If you are willing to customize the appearance of your project, you can simply do it by adding your own code in the Custom CSS Style box at the bottom of the post screen.

You can start by going to Projects – Add New then follow the articles below to learn more about each component:

Additional Reading:

Updated on January 12, 2022

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