New To The Blogging World? We Help You Kick-Off In Style

Oana Filip

As a wan­na-be blog­ger it’s super easy to feel over­whelmed. Every­thing seems to be cov­ered: from a wide range of top­ics to the advices regard­ing how to get trac­tion, everything’s already there. But that doesn’t mean that the play­ground is closed. It’s still room for you to join the jour­ney.

As a coor­di­na­tor of our affil­i­ate pro­gram and a blog­ger myself I’ve been skim­ming through dozens of arti­cles relat­ed to blog­ging and its uni­verse. How to make mon­ey out of your blog? How to win your first 1K fol­low­ers on Insta­gram? How to cre­ate long-term part­ner­ships with big brands? How to build an audi­ence around your inter­ests? How to improve your writ­ing skills?

Every­thing has at least dozens of answers. Just give it a try, type on Google any of the above ques­tions and you can get depressed, shut the com­put­er, and go for a walk in the park. But hey, stop for a sec.

Do your research. Being well-informed and strong­ly com­mit­ted can lead you far. The sim­ple fact that you land now in this tribe give you a tremen­dous advan­tage: every­thing you dream of is at your fin­ger­tips.

Three ways in which we can help you shape a promis­ing start for your blog­ging jour­ney so that you aren’t caught off the guard:

#1 — The right solution for your context

More than six months ago we cre­at­ed Pix­el­grade Club as a response to your par­tic­u­lar pain. You get not only full access to a grow­ing col­lec­tion of our best blog­ging Word­Press themes, but also an edu­ca­tion­al onboard­ing.

We assist you with what you should know to launch your blog in no more than 14 days — this equals the free tri­al peri­od, which means you jump in this adven­ture with zero costs upfront.

Our port­fo­lio includes themes tai­lored to spe­cif­ic indus­tries and solve real dig­i­tal needs. Start with the one you believe fits your pur­pos­es and switch between them when you feel it’s not the right mojo. It’s nev­er been eas­i­er to change the look-and-feel of your web­site, and this is cru­cial when you are in your ear­ly days of blog­ging.

Small Tip: Search for flex­i­ble solu­tions and part­ners since it’s a learn­ing-by-doing kind of process and it’s hard to draw steady deci­sions from day one.

#2 — Customer support to watch your back

We’re proud to say that we’ve been always aim­ing to deliv­er the best expe­ri­ence to our cus­tomers. No mat­ter if they bought the cheap­est or the most expen­sive prod­uct, if they wrote us in a bro­ken Eng­lish or with loads of respect, if they were throw­ing too many ques­tions or they under­stood that it takes two to tan­go, we put our best work to meet their expec­ta­tions.

For us, an expe­ri­ence is defined by the great feel­ing of being part of an authen­tic sto­ry. We treat our cus­tomers as our busi­ness part­ners and we gen­uine­ly care about their suc­cess in the dig­i­tal world. In the end, if they make it we can con­tin­ue craft­ing even bet­ter Word­Press themes.

You will need cus­tomer sup­port, that’s for sure. No mat­ter how easy and con­ve­nient is the jour­ney, any fresh blog will face cer­tain strug­gles, even though some of them might not be relat­ed with the theme per se. We’re here to help and to assist you along the way, no mat­ter the nature of your curiosi­ties.

Small Tip: Look after col­lab­o­ra­tions where the cus­tomer sup­port approach is top-notch, but also with a human touch, because you are going to active­ly need it.

#3 — Consistency to keep your momentum

Con­sis­ten­cy and per­se­ver­ance are manda­to­ry when it comes to build­ing a dig­i­tal rep­u­ta­tion that makes a dif­fer­ence. There­fore, we devel­oped an inter­nal sys­tem to offer con­tin­u­ous updates for our Word­Press themes, so that you can focus on what you know best: express­ing your ideas.

We even pro­vide access to adja­cent tools of cus­tomi­sa­tions to make sure that your blog defines you and you devel­op an emo­tion­al con­nec­tion with it. Dupli­cat­ing the demo means scratch­ing the sur­face, but you can go way fur­ther with our prod­ucts and make it tru­ly yours.

Maybe it’s hard for you to imag­ine the future since you’re bare­ly get­ting your ducks in a row, but trust me that there’s no bet­ter way to think about this aspects. You will thank us lat­er on.

Small Tip: Invest in durable rela­tion­ships that bring you real val­ue by offer­ing results that you can’t pro­vide at this point, but will def­i­nite­ly help you stand out.

I’m here to help you create a fabulous blog

Express your ideas bet­ter next to me.

Get start­ed now

I total­ly sup­port you to allow your­self to start a blog right away. One that you will feel proud to show your friends, to con­stant­ly write on it, to share it on social chan­nels, to endorse your ideas and beliefs. Ignore the I-know-it-all kind of atti­tude that can be intim­i­dat­ing, and focus on what makes you-you.

Give us a ping (e-mail tweet, com­ment, pigeon) if you need a help­ing hand to make it hap­pen. Or just reg­is­ter to Pix­el­grade Club and take it from there. It’s your call and the per­fect tim­ing to enter the game. This could be an inspir­ing first sto­ry on your blog, that’s for sure. 🙌

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Oana Filip
Oana Filip

Digital storyteller @Pixelgrade and community builder for creative industries. A true believer in the power of making the world a better place.