Insightful books from Pixelgrade’s crew

This is the first episode of a short series of books’ rec­om­men­da­tions from our crew. Choose from cod­ing to design, from his­to­ry to finance, there should be enough good­ness for every type of pas­sion­ate read­er.


Authenticity makes a team stronger

I’m Oana, and for the last cou­ple of months I’ve been wear­ing a new hat: I’m lead­ing our cus­tomer ser­vice team.


The IDEO learning experience moves people and shapes beliefs

I’m Oana and I just fin­ished the Sto­ry­telling for Influ­ence course from IDEO.


Pixelgrade Transparency Report #4

How we did in the last six months of 2016.


We launch a new Pixelgrade

We’re hap­py to cel­e­brate a new Pix­el­grade that is bet­ter tai­lored to our atti­tude and core beliefs.


People with different skill sets are a better match than top talent players

Even though our day-to-day job doesn’t require to be in the spot­light, we want to cap­ture atten­tion in var­i­ous ways.


Allow yourself to be happy

Vlad, our Co-founder, wrote an arti­cle for Hero­Press about how Word­Press was the best avail­able solu­tion to start a cre­ative busi­ness.


A short, but spicy talk with Vlad, Co-founder of PixelGrade

We love to share our inside sto­ries in a hum­ble and hon­est way. Trav­el with us and dis­cov­er a tiny part of our dai­ly puz­zle through Vlad’s lens.


Long Live Small Teams. Why’s That?

We, the Pix­el­Grade crew, are true believ­ers in the pow­er, mobil­i­ty and nev­er end­ing ambi­tion of small teams. Not because it’s a fan­cy state­ment around the www world nor because we want to start a debate about impos­ing quotes like — Go big or go home. Not even close. What we’re try­ing to do is to shed some […]