How to nurture a community of fellow parents and live a better life

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February 14, 2020
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The Flipp Family builds an online community of parents

The first time I came across the Flipp Family website, I was genuinely surprised. After skimming through dozens of digital cribs in the culinary and hospitality industry, it felt like a breeze to see that Rosa 2 hosts a project where community stays at the core.

As a community builder myself, I am quite familiar with the struggles of building a tribe on the Internet. I wrote an entire article about how you can start yours. Even though technology helps tremendously in terms of access, speed, and a certain feeling of belongingness, this does not mean that it also becomes easier to transform an audience into a community. From reach to depth is a long road ahead.

Jennifer is on the right track with the Flipp Family project, where she’s creating a safe place where parents can get in touch, share experiences of all kinds, and teach meaningful stuff about their learnings.

Read further to discover how she is nurturing a community and what keeps her wheels spinning.


Who is Jennifer off the record, and what’s the Flipp culture?


She is a proud Filipina who is a full time working mom of 2. She works in the advertising industry where she develops media strategies and processes.  The word Flipp is a play on words for Filipino. Combining Filipino and Philippines into one word. 

The sense of connection is very powerful in a very digital world.


What was the driver to create a community?


Now that I’m a parent, I want to be able to teach my kids their culture and I found there is no space for parents to do things with their kids as a family. Especially when it comes to learning about culture. Also, being a parent isn’t easy and we all need a space to be able to support fellow parents.


How would you describe your tribe?


This tribe of parents are very supporting and motivating. I have found like-minded Filipino moms who want to teach their children about the Filipino culture. A lot of these mamas are also educating about Filipino culture in different ways. 


What makes you believe in the power of a community?


The sense of connection is very powerful in a very digital world. I’ve connected with people all over the world and it’s great to see that this community is willing to collaborate and support each other.

It also helps that social media and just the digital space in general allows me to communicate with local businesses via email to get things done. 


What keeps your wheels spinning in the long run?


I have a vision in my head that pops up everyday that I have a bigger purpose in life. I start Flipp Family late last year and it has renewed my energy that I haven’t felt in a very long time.

Knowing that I get to share my knowledge to a like minded community is what keeps me going. Doing it for my family is what keeps me going. 


How do you balance work and life as an active parent and professional?


I try not to overwhelm myself with long to do lists. Also, I’ve forced myself to wake up early to get a good workout in the morning before the kids get up. It’s all about routine and balance.

As both my husband and I are working parents we communicate to each other what we need to feel a sense of zen. And for us, it’s working out; so we push each other to do so even if one has to wake up early to do it, we encourage each other to go.

We are huge on meal prepping and that has been a consistent routine every Sunday. We meal prep for the whole family and it saves us time. I block out time (mostly at night when the kiddos are asleep) to work on Flipp Family content.

I try to take photos of a lot of things on the weekend and throughout the week I work on it to post on my blog or on social media. It also helps that social media and just the digital space in general allows me to communicate with local businesses via email/text to get things done. 


Why do you create these gatherings?


I found that one to one time with people is the best way to connect and teach people. I didn’t envision Flipp Family to be all about events, but now it’s the core in connecting with these families. 

It will give me the freedom to do something I’m passionate about and spend time with my kids. 

I want my website to be the place where people come to for tips, information and educate themselves about the Filipino culture.


Is the Flipp Family project more of a hobby?


For now Flipp Family is my side hustle and hope to one day make it a full time business. I see Flipp Family becoming a physical brick and mortar where it’s a multi functional space that allows me and the community to have a space to gather.

I envision it having a kitchen, classroom to do classes, event space to hold private events, an indoor play area for the kids and an area to sell local businesses products.

My life would change dramatically and it would allow me to be with my kids more. It will give me the freedom to do something I’m passionate about and spend time with my kids. 


How was the experience of using Rosa 2?


I managed to deal with the product all by myself. I wanted to try it out myself and it seemed pretty easy to manage and maintain. If I couldn’t figure it out I just looked it up on the website or googled things to help me. 


How does it feel to be part of our community?


Feels great to be able to have another community to connect with when it comes to websites and templates. I think if there were more tutorials of how to use the theme that would be great.

I think a monthly newsletter with tips and updates would be great. Or a webinar to get all the users together and ask questions or teach us how to use the templates. I think paid members should get more than just using the templates. 

Does Rosa 2 sound interesting?

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