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A free magazine-style theme designed to empower fashion bloggers to write more beautiful stories into an eye-candy playground.

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Discover how SILK Lite will help you build a great blog

Exquisite Design To Make you Stand Out from the Crowd

SILK is all about beautiful! Delicate typography, finely detailed elements and subtle interactions is what you need to make your site look trully remarkable. There is power in the details and you know it!

Social and Sharing Tools

Stay Social Connected and Increase Fan Engagement

With SILK it’s easy to get your content out into the world! Add your social networks across the header, showcase your latest Instagram shots, let your visitors share your content from the sidebar or ask them to subscribe for the newsletter. 

Mobile-Ready and Responsive for All Devices

Silk knows how much you love your content and how critical it is to showcase it beautifully to all of your users, no matter the device they happen to use.

You can be sure that Silk will keep your content completely mobile-ready and responsive.

Your content. For Every Person

We have gone the extra mile to be accessibility-ready across the board so you show your visitors you truly care for each one of them.

Silk is aware of accessibility best practices such as color contrast, keyboard navigation, and form/link focus.

Social Icons for Those That Share

Make it easy for your visitors and present them with social icons links so they can stay connected with you through social media.

Simply add your social media URLs and your social icons will naturally appear at the top header bar.

Need More? Go PRO

Take it to the next level. See the differences below:

Comparison Table

Silk Lite

Silk PRO

Exquisite Design

Design is a great way to share appealing stories. Silk helps you to become a better storyteller into the digital world. Thanks to a very human approach in terms of interaction, a gentle and eye-candy typography and stylish details, you can definitely reach the right audience.

Social Integration

Let your voice be heard by the right people. Aim to build a strong community around your fashion blog and start a smart dialogue with those who admire your work. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name it, but be aware that all can boost your content and increase awareness.


One of the perks of living these days is the tremendous chance to stay connected with everything you love without boundaries. That’s why SIlk is mobile-ready and facilitates your users to easily enjoy your content, no matter the device they like to use on a daily basis.

Personalize to Match Your Style

Having different tastes and preferences might be tricky for users, but not with Silk onboard. It has an intuitive and catchy interface which allows you to change fonts, colors or layout sizes in a blink of an eye.

Featured Posts Slider

Bring your best stories in the front of the world by adding them into the posts slider. It’s an extra opportunity to grab attention and to refresh some content that is still meaningful. Don’t miss any occasion to increase the value of your stories.

Custom Mega Menu

Showcase the latest posts from a category under menu without losing precious time and money. Highlight those articles you feel proud about with no effort and let people know about your appetite for a topic or another.

Support Best-In-Business

You will benefit by priority support from a caring and devoted team, eager to help and to spread happiness. We work hard to provide a flawless experience for those who vote us with trust and choose to be our special clients.

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Silk PRO

  • Advanced Customizations
  • Featured Posts Slider
  • Premium Support