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A free mag­a­zine-style theme designed to empow­er fash­ion blog­gers to write more beau­ti­ful sto­ries into an eye-can­dy play­ground.

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Dis­cov­er how SILK Lite will help you build a great blog

Exquisite Design To Make you Stand Out from the Crowd

SILK is all about beau­ti­ful! Del­i­cate typog­ra­phy, fine­ly detailed ele­ments and sub­tle inter­ac­tions is what you need to make your site look trul­ly remark­able. There is pow­er in the details and you know it!

Social and Sharing Tools

Stay Social Connected and Increase Fan Engagement

With SILK it’s easy to get your con­tent out into the world! Add your social net­works across the head­er, show­case your lat­est Insta­gram shots, let your vis­i­tors share your con­tent from the side­bar or ask them to sub­scribe for the newslet­ter. 

Mobile-Ready and Responsive for All Devices

Silk knows how much you love your con­tent and how crit­i­cal it is to show­case it beau­ti­ful­ly to all of your users, no mat­ter the device they hap­pen to use.

You can be sure that Silk will keep your con­tent com­plete­ly mobile-ready and respon­sive.

Your content. For Every Person

We have gone the extra mile to be acces­si­bil­i­ty-ready across the board so you show your vis­i­tors you tru­ly care for each one of them.

Silk is aware of acces­si­bil­i­ty best prac­tices such as col­or con­trast, key­board nav­i­ga­tion, and form/link focus.

Social Icons for Those That Share

Make it easy for your vis­i­tors and present them with social icons links so they can stay con­nect­ed with you through social media.

Sim­ply add your social media URLs and your social icons will nat­u­ral­ly appear at the top head­er bar.

Need More? Go PRO

Take it to the next lev­el. See the dif­fer­ences below:

Comparison Table

Silk Lite

Silk PRO

Exquisite Design

Design is a great way to share appeal­ing sto­ries. Silk helps you to become a bet­ter sto­ry­teller into the dig­i­tal world. Thanks to a very human approach in terms of inter­ac­tion, a gen­tle and eye-can­dy typog­ra­phy and styl­ish details, you can def­i­nite­ly reach the right audi­ence.

Social Integration

Let your voice be heard by the right peo­ple. Aim to build a strong com­mu­ni­ty around your fash­ion blog and start a smart dia­logue with those who admire your work. Face­book, Twit­ter, Insta­gram, you name it, but be aware that all can boost your con­tent and increase aware­ness.


One of the perks of liv­ing these days is the tremen­dous chance to stay con­nect­ed with every­thing you love with­out bound­aries. That’s why SIlk is mobile-ready and facil­i­tates your users to eas­i­ly enjoy your con­tent, no mat­ter the device they like to use on a dai­ly basis.

Personalize to Match Your Style

Hav­ing dif­fer­ent tastes and pref­er­ences might be tricky for users, but not with Silk onboard. It has an intu­itive and catchy inter­face which allows you to change fonts, col­ors or lay­out sizes in a blink of an eye.

Featured Posts Slider

Bring your best sto­ries in the front of the world by adding them into the posts slid­er. It’s an extra oppor­tu­ni­ty to grab atten­tion and to refresh some con­tent that is still mean­ing­ful. Don’t miss any occa­sion to increase the val­ue of your sto­ries.

Custom Mega Menu

Show­case the lat­est posts from a cat­e­go­ry under menu with­out los­ing pre­cious time and mon­ey. High­light those arti­cles you feel proud about with no effort and let peo­ple know about your appetite for a top­ic or anoth­er.

Support Best-In-Business

You will ben­e­fit by pri­or­i­ty sup­port from a car­ing and devot­ed team, eager to help and to spread hap­pi­ness. We work hard to pro­vide a flaw­less expe­ri­ence for those who vote us with trust and choose to be our spe­cial clients.

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Silk PRO

  • Advanced Cus­tomiza­tions
  • Fea­tured Posts Slid­er
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