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Website Performance Optimisation Service

If you want your WordPress website to run fast and smoothly, be more secure and achieve a premium level of performance, then you need the website performance optimisation service.

Step #1

Analysis of the current website performance

We tested a bunch, so we know which are the website performance services and tools to trust. We’ll use their info along with some reliable scanning plugins to determine your website’s current performance and security status.

Step #2

Full site back-up

Before and after making the improvements we’ll make sure all your website’s files and the database are safely backed-up. Nothing annoys people more than losing their precious content, so you're safe with us.

Step #3

Speed Optimisations

We’ll use several trustworthy plugins to improve your website’s loading speed by taking advantage of the recommended page caching settings and optimising all your website’s images.

Step #4

Security Improvements

Our main responsibility is to help you avoid all the common security flaws your website might have. Using our expertise and the help of a few plugins, we’ll make sure your website is protected against external attacks and other potential vulnerabilities.

Step #5

Current state analysis & support

We’ll review all the steps taken during this process, compare the before and after results and compile a detailed document with everything we accomplished. This way, results will speak for themselves. You also have direct contact with us via e-mail.

Testimonial Optimisation Services Karina
Customer Stories

Karina, Writer & Artist

"My experience with the Pixelgrade team was (and still is) awesome - I am really happy to be a member. They are always there for you and they really care about your problem. They stick with you until your problem is solved. Besides that, they are super friendly and approachable. You can trust them totally. I'm an amateur when it comes to configuration and I'm always needing help - and I always find assistance with the Pixelgrade team."

Performance Optimisation Packages

Optimisation Service
  • Analysis of the current performance state
  • Full site backup
  • Standard Speed Optimisations
  • Image Optimization
  • Standard Page Caching
  • Standard Security Improvements
  • Analysis of the new performance state
  • Detailed documentation for each step
  • One-on-one e-mail support for 1 week
Optimisation Service Plus
  • Analysis of the current performance state
  • Full site backup
  • Premium Speed Optimisations
  • Image Optimization
  • Premium Page Caching
  • Premium Security Improvements
  • Analysis of the new performance state
  • Detailed documentation for each step
  • One-on-one e-mail support for 1 week
  • Do you offer refunds for these services?

    We offer refunds within 14 days only if the work on delivering the service was not started. If we delivered the service, then refunds are not possible. Have no fear, for any issues or concerns we offer one-on-one email support.

  • What is the delivery time?

    Most of the times it will take just a couple business days but in more complex situations it can take up to a working week. The delivery time depends on how fast we can get access credentials from you and other eventual complications we might have to deal with.

  • Can I get these services if I have a theme from someplace else?

    You can purchase any of the two optimisation services even if you have a WordPress theme from another vendor. We can make it happen no matter if you use someone's else product.

  • Optimisation Service vs Optimisation Service Plus - what's the difference?

    In the Optimisation Service you do not receive the Image Optimisation service. Also, when delivering the Optimisation Service Plus, we will use premium services and more advanced tools that will come pre-paid for 1 year at no additional cost.

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