How to add an Announcement Bar?

Do you want to announce a great sale, a promotion, or anything else that’s important to you and engaging for your readers? You can use the Announcement Bar to show a custom message. It will be displayed at the top of your website, above the header, making it easily accessible.

To enable it, from your WordPress Dashboard, go to Appearance → Customize → General, where you’ll see the following available options:

  • Announcement Bar Text — a field where you can add the announcement text; it supports HTML if you want to highlight some words, for instance.
  • Announcement Bar Link  here, you can add a link that will be applied to the entire announcement bar to make it clickable.
  • Background and Text Color — using a pick-color, you can apply your branding style to the bar to create even more consistency.
Updated on April 7, 2021

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