Learning WordPress

The Word­Press CMS is a com­plex beast that is made even more com­plex thanks to the count­less plu­g­ins avail­able out there (free or pre­mi­um). All this com­plex­i­ty allows for a lot of capa­bil­i­ties and pow­er, and like a famous say­ing tells us, with great pow­er comes great respon­si­bil­i­ty. So we advise you not to treat things light­ly and try and learn at least the basics so the whole sys­tem will work for you, not against you.

We strive to make our themes as sol­id as pos­si­ble (i.e. to break as hard as pos­si­ble) but there is a fine line between allow­ing for flex­i­bil­i­ty and mak­ing things sol­id. This is a nev­er end­ing game, but this is what makes the web excit­ing.

The WordPress Codex

This is the Whol­ly Grail of start­ing to get to terms with Word­Press. It has both begin­ner and advanced infor­ma­tion. We rec­om­mend you to start with these sec­tions (they are intend­ed for reg­u­lar users, not devel­op­ers):

Going through these will most­ly get you on your way on becom­ing a prop­er Word­Press user.

Further learning resources

Since Word­Press is such a huge phe­nom­e­non nowa­days, the learn­ing resources are for from scarce. From the Google start page to the per­son­al blog of a WP enthu­si­ast, every­where you look there is some­thing to learn.

From some of the most wide­ly appraised sites that help you with Word­Press, we would like to point you to these use­ful resources:

Updated on January 15, 2018

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