Updating the theme

Main­tain­ing the theme rel­e­vant and updat­ed is quite manda­to­ry since your goal is to be rel­e­vant for the long game. Our goal is to help you achieve great results that are sus­tain­able and one of the way we do that is by invest­ing resources in prod­uct updates.

In this arti­cle, we walk you through the steps you need to take to update your theme with ease.

There are three main areas where you can see the noti­fi­ca­tion for a new update:

  1. Log into your Word­Press Dash­board, click on Updates and update all of your out­dat­ed themes;
  2. Go to Appear­ance → Themes, and you will notice a badge with the New ver­sion avail­able over the out­dat­ed theme. Just click on that mes­sage and hit the Update now but­ton;
  3. Go to Appear­ance → Theme Dash­board, and you will see a ban­ner with the New Theme Update is Avail­able!

What should I do to be able to update the theme?

You might get this kind of mes­sage: An error occurred while updat­ing Listable: Update pack­age not avail­able when try­ing to update the theme through the Dash­board → Updates area.

On the oth­er hand, you can get this one Auto­mat­ic update is unavail­able for this theme when look­ing for the Update now but­ton on Appear­ance → Themes area.

To have access to the auto­mat­ed updat­ing sys­tem, you need to update the theme license first. To do that, just fol­low these sim­ple steps:

  1. Make sure that you installed and acti­vat­ed the Pix­el­grade Care plu­g­in;
    • If it’s not avail­able in your Dash­board (the blue but­ton named Theme Help), just go to Appear­ance → Install Plu­g­ins and take it from there;
  2. Go to Appear­ance → Theme Dash­board area;
  3. Click the Con­nect to pixelgrade.com but­ton;
  4. Login with your account:
    • If you pur­chased the theme via The­me­For­est, just click the Login with Enva­to but­ton and add the cre­den­tials for the account used to pur­chase the theme;
    • If you bought the theme from our shop, just log in to your account;
  5. Once the process is com­plet­ed, your theme will be acti­vat­ed and ready to be used.

I connected my account, but I still cannot update the theme

Most of the times, this prob­lem appears because you don’t have an active sup­port peri­od for your license. In this par­tic­u­lar case, the auto­mat­ed updat­ing sys­tem is not avail­able. Ver­i­fy if you have an active sup­port peri­od by going to the My Account page and dou­ble check the mes­sage.
If you see a mes­sage like Active. You have about 6 months of sup­port remain­ing. — then you know that you can sure­ly acti­vate the theme with­out any strug­gles.

I have an active support period, but I still cannot activate the theme license

If you still can­not acti­vate the license even if you have an active sup­port peri­od, please go to My Account page and Logout. Now go to Appear­ance → Theme Dash­board and hit the Dis­con­nect but­ton from the right side. Once you did this, just fol­low again the fol­low­ing instruc­tions about acti­vat­ing the theme, and every­thing should be back to nor­mal in just a few min­utes.

Can I manually install the theme without using the automatic updating system?

Yes, you can do that with no prob­lem. You just need to fol­low these steps:

  1. Go to your The­me­For­est account;
  2. Open the Down­loads page;
  3. Down­load the theme;
  4. Go to your web­site dash­board area;
  5. Acti­vate anoth­er theme (like Twen­ty Sev­en­teen);
  6. Delete the exist­ing ver­sion of the theme you want to update;
  7. Install the ver­sion of the theme that you just down­loaded from The­me­For­est;
  8. Acti­vate back the theme.

Is there any backup system available for the updates?

There’s no back­up option for updat­ing the themes. That’s why, before mak­ing any change on this, we rec­om­mend you make a back­up of your whole web­site. This way, if any­thing goes wrong (chances are that this won’t ever hap­pen) you can quick­ly go back to a work­ing ver­sion of your web­site.

Will I lose the changes I made in the Appearance → Customize area when updating the theme?

No wor­ries, you will not lose changes from the Cus­tomize while updat­ing the theme. No mat­ter if you played around with the font or the col­or options or you sim­ply added a cus­tom CSS to the Addi­tion­al CSS area every­thing will remain the same.

Will I lose the changes I made inside the theme files?

We know that there are times when you want to make some small tweaks to improve the over­all look-and-feel. There­fore, you need to know that all the changes should be done using a child theme. This way, you make sure that every­thing you mix-and-match will be safe when the next update of the theme is avail­able and ready to go.

What happens when we change the theme or directory name?

There are two cas­es here:

  1. Changed the theme name: if you update the theme, the name of the theme will go back to the orig­i­nal one (e.g. Rosa, Julia);
  2. Changed the fold­er name: in this case, the updat­ing sys­tem won’t be able to track your theme and you won’t get any noti­fi­ca­tion about new updates avail­able for your theme.

That’s why it’s bet­ter to keep the name untouched. This way, you’ll get auto­mat­ic access to the lat­est updates and noth­ing will break or be dam­aged.

Updated on August 21, 2017

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