Learning WordPress

The WordPress CMS is a complex beast that is made even more complex thanks to the countless plugins available out there (free or premium). All this complexity allows for a lot of capabilities and power, and like a famous saying tells us, with great power comes great responsibility. So we advise you not to treat things lightly and try and learn at least the basics so the whole system will work for you, not against you.

We strive to make our themes as solid as possible (i.e. to break as hard as possible) but there is a fine line between allowing for flexibility and making things solid. This is a never ending game, but this is what makes the web exciting.

The WordPress Codex

This is the Wholly Grail of starting to get to terms with WordPress. It has both beginner and advanced information. We recommend you to start with these sections (they are intended for regular users, not developers):

Going through these will mostly get you on your way on becoming a proper WordPress user.

Further learning resources

Since WordPress is such a huge phenomenon nowadays, the learning resources are for from scarce. From the Google start page to the personal blog of a WordPress enthusiast, everywhere you look there is something to learn.

From some of the most widely appraised sites that help you with WordPress, we would like to point you to these useful articles and guides:

Updated on February 26, 2021

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