Managing the content with Gridable

Gridable — The Missing Grid Editor is a witty solution if you who want to create flexible and reliable grids. Being smoothly integrated into the WordPress’s Editor interface, our plugin becomes a suitable choice for everyone. It simplifies the entire process of building an extensive range of grids that fit perfectly into various environments.

How it works?

Gridable allows you to create an adaptable and fully responsive grid in no time. You can start by simply experimenting how it works in order to discover its huge potential. Here’s how you can start exploring this plugin:

  • Log in into WordPress dashboard
  • Go to Pages and click on Add new
  • Click on Add row button (Next to Add media)
  • You have two columns where you can insert: text, photos or videos

Now you can create up to 12 columns and manage the easily by simply moving the icon that separates them. Click on it and drag to the left or to the right in order to adjust the content, and make it fit to you particular needs.

How I can adapt it to my branding?

One of the strongest perks of using Gridable is that you can align it to your brand’s voice. After creating a grid of however columns you find it necessarily, here’s what you need to do next to make it even more about your unique personality.

You have two main areas of customization. On one hand, you can Edit the Column, and on the other hand, you can Edit the Row.

Each have particular options. For Column you can set the Spacing and the Background Color, and for the Row you can set much more such as: Row Spacing Top, Row Spacing Bottom, Row Gutter, Row Background Color, and Stretched or not Stretched.

Updated on September 22, 2020

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