Drag & Drop Page Builders

We know how handy can be to use a page builder on your website. That’s why we tested the most common and trustworthy tools to make sure that everything works great with our themes. Use their drag-and-drop features to create complex layouts and fill them with buttons, charts, icons or many others content blocks.

What plugins have you tested?

  1. Elementor (free)
  2. Visual Composer ($34)
  3. SiteOrigin Page Builder (Free)
  4. MotoPress Content Editor ($29)
  5. Beaver Builder ($99)

Where should I use them?

We recommend to make the most out of them only for presentation pages and not for the dynamically related ones (eg. Blog Archive).

Do you offer customer support for those plugins?

No. Let us tell you why: we heavily tested them to make sure everything runs smoothly — none of their elements or styles weren’t specifically changed. For any questions regarding potential problems or any other concerns, please refer to their authors. They are the ones who can easily lend you a helping hand in order to get things done.

Which one fits best my needs?

Each of the plugins mentioned above has their pros and cons. We recommend Elementor but we encourage you to take over the MotoPress Content Editor vs Visual Composer vs SiteOrigin Page Builder vs Beaver Builder comparison table and decide on your own, taking into consideration your specific needs and preferences.

Updated on December 8, 2021

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