Can I use Drag & Drop Page Builder Plugins?

Yes! If you need more flexibility for creating your pages, we’ve tested the most famous Page Builder plugins to make sure that they’re working flawlessly with Rosa.

Which plugins do you recommend?

  1. Visual Composer ($49)
  2. SiteOrigin Page Builder (Free)
  3. MotoPress Content Editor ($39)
  4. Beaver Builder ($99)

Where should I use them?

We recommend using Page Builders for presentation pages using their drag-and-drop features to create layouts and fill them inside pages content and not inside Hero Area, with a diversity of styling elements (button, charts, icons, etc).

Do you offer customer support for them?

No — we tested them and applied some improvements in Rosa to make sure the things were not broken — none of their elements or styles were not specifically changed. For any questions regarding potential problems, please refer to their authors.

Which one is better for my needs?

Each of the plugins mentioned above has its pros and cons. I recommend you to take over the MotoPress Content Editor vs. Visual Composer vs. SiteOrigin Page Builder vs. Beaver Builder comparison table and decide on your own.

NOTE: We’ve integrated support for the latest nightly-build of the Shortcake plugin functionality into Rosa.

Updated on September 10, 2021

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