How do I change the Portfolio or Galleries URL slugs?

Every project in your portfolio has, by default, a URL structure that looks like this: This can be fine for most people, but there are cases in which you might want to change the default Portfolio URL slugs to something that fits better with your native language or creative endeavor.

Have no worries. In this article, we will show you how to customize those URLs to fit your needs better.

Changing the Portfolio Slug

From the WordPress Dashboard, go to SettingsPixTypes→ click the Enable Portfolio checkbox → check the Change Single Item Slug box, and insert your new URL Slug in the New Single Item Slug section. View the screenshot for details.

Changing the Portfolio Category Slug

From the WordPress Dashboard, go to SettingsPixTypes and scroll to the Taxonomies section → click the Enable Portfolio Categories checkbox → check the Change Category Slug box, and insert your new URL Slug in the New Category Slug area. View the screenshot for details.

You can flush the permalinks (a piece of WordPress jargon) by accessing SettingsPermalinks and pressing Save. This will ensure that your newly created slugs are updated and work as intended.

NOTE: You can’t remove these slugs because having this part of the link is the only way WordPress can “understand” the element it is handling is a project and not a simple page. As you can see, the pages don’t have anything between the base link address of the website and the title.

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Updated on March 17, 2021

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