How to add a Promo Box?

Would you like to pro­mote a prod­uct, your newslet­ter or some­thing that you believe in and want to put it in the spot­light? You can include our Pix­el­grade: Pro­mo Box wid­get on your Front Page or any oth­er wid­get area and dis­play your pro­mo­tion by the blink of an eye.

How it works

We went through numer­ous sites and researched the typ­i­cal pro­mo­tion­al box that appears on a web­site. As a result, we cre­at­ed a wid­get that dis­plays your con­tent in two columns: one reserved for the image and the oth­er for the con­tent and call-to-actions.

The Pix­el­grade: Pro­mo Box wid­get has the fol­low­ing sec­tions:

  • Sec­tion Title – The title of your wid­get. It will be dis­played above the Head­line.
  • Fea­tured Image – The image that will appear in the sec­ond col­umn of your Pro­mo Box
  • Head­line – The mes­sage that will appear in the first col­umn of your Pro­mo Box. This is dif­fer­ent from the Sec­tion Title when it comes to size and font style, which means that it’s the most impor­tant part of your Pro­mo Box, the hook that will catch your audi­ence.
  • Descrip­tion – The text that will appear after the Head­line. Could be a short descrip­tion of what you are pro­mot­ing.
  • But­ton Text – The text that will be dis­played on the but­ton. If you leave this field emp­ty, no but­ton will be dis­played.
  • But­ton Link URL – The link that you want to attach to your but­ton.

This article applies to Felt, Julia, and Vasco as they share the same underlying structure.

Updated on March 21, 2018

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