Changing Colors

Col­ors have a pow­er­ful mean­ing for the gen­er­al expe­ri­ence you’re craft­ing for peo­ple who bump into your web­site. They’re not just eye-can­dy pix­els that grab atten­tion; they’re an inte­grat­ed part of your brand­ing, and it can impact your way of expres­sion and com­mu­ni­ca­tion.

All of our themes have spe­cif­ic col­or options aligned to each ele­ment and fea­ture. We’ve devel­oped them in a way that allows you to change the major­i­ty of the website’s items with­out any effort: head­ings, body text, link, menu items, but­tons or back­grounds. You can fast­ly cus­tomize the palette of col­ors to per­fect­ly align it with your exquis­ite brand. Just use the col­or pick­ers and the live pre­view from our friend­ly and easy-to-use inter­face.

Change the Colors

You can play around with col­ors by the blink of an eye. Just nav­i­gate to Appear­ance → Cus­tomize, and click on Col­ors tab. There you can access all the col­or options relat­ed to that par­tic­u­lar area. This way you can change, for exam­ple the col­ors for dif­fer­ent ele­ments from the Head­er (Site Title, Nav­i­ga­tion), from Main Con­tent (back­ground, page title) and more oth­ers. 


  • Col­or mean­ings: choose col­ors that res­onate with the state­ment you want to draw. For exam­ple, blue inspires safe­ty, integri­ty, and peace, while yel­low is trans­lat­ed into ener­gy and joy­ful­ness.
  • Keep the col­or scheme sim­ple: as a com­mon sense rule, try to focus your atten­tion on a pri­ma­ry col­or (known as the base col­or as well) and add to it neu­tral col­ors such as white, black or gray. On the con­trary, you can eas­i­ly con­fuse the users and deliv­er mixed-feel­ings.
  • Main­tain the con­trast: for a bunch of sit­u­a­tions, the dark col­ors make a good deal with the light ones. Stay away from using a light one for the back­ground and anoth­er one pret­ty sim­i­lar for the body text. To be more spe­cif­ic: a yel­low text on a white back­ground would be hard to read for every­one.

Take into account that the col­ors select­ed in the Cus­tomiz­er are being applied on a gen­er­al lev­el. This way you know for sure that you’re con­sis­tent through the entire dig­i­tal jour­ney.

Updated on October 16, 2017

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