Why is my website content not loading?

AJAX is a method for site loading that retrieves server data for specific elements without reloading the whole page. This makes content-heavy pages load much faster and nimble.

However, there are scenarios when this method may cause some troubles on your website, making some content not load.

There are a couple of reasons why this might happen:

  • The installed plugins use JavaScript that triggers on page load (like pop-up messages);
  • You use a plugin that needs to get info on page load (plugins that add a map inside of a page);
  • Some tools outside the theme need to insert some markup in the header of the website.

Even though AJAX sounds like a trouble-makers, it often helps with giving the chance to add beautiful transitions between pages, making the website’s visitors have an engaging experience.

There are two ways to get this AJAX struggle fixed in due time:

  • Find the plugin that causes this trouble and look for another one that works when AJAX is available on your website;
  • Deactivate the AJAX loading on specific pages by following these steps.

Most of our themes that use this method for loading pages have an option for deactivating it. This way, you can still use the plugins you want without problems. The only price you pay for this change is how the transition effect behaves when you navigate between pages.

Updated on March 10, 2022

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