Creating a Block Child Theme

Besides the colors, fonts, and spacing options, we know that at a certain point, you will like to dig deeper and make changes that involve some level of custom coding.

The best way to make those changes happen while preserving the custom code from being overwritten the next time your theme is updated is through a child theme

We recommend you follow these steps to get a custom child theme up and running for your Pixelgrade LT block-based theme.

Step 1 – Setup

Install and activate the Create Block Theme plugin from the WordPress repository that will help you configure and generate the child theme based on your currently active theme.

Step 2 – Style Customizations

Make changes to your site design using the Site Editor.

Step 3 – Templates

Edit your templates using the Site Editor.

Step 4 – Create the Child Theme

In the WordPress Admin Dashboard, under Appearance, there will be a new section called “Create Block Theme”.

Select the “Create child of Anima” option and then, if necessary, add the details for the theme here. These details will be used in the style.css file. When you click the “Export Theme” button, your theme will be downloaded.

Step 5 – Activate the Child Theme

  • Navigate to Appearance → Themes and click Add New button.
  • Select Upload Theme.
  • Click Browse and choose the file you just downloaded and click Install Now.
  • When the theme is installed click Activate.
Updated on January 17, 2024

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