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Buck­et is meant to be an out­stand­ing and straight­for­ward Mag­a­zine theme, so we aimed by using our Cus­tomi­fy plu­g­in to make the style con­trols as easy to use as pos­si­ble. Because of this, we have decid­ed to use the Word­Press Cus­tomiz­er work­flow and give you instant feed­back for your typog­ra­phy, col­orsback­grounds and so on.

And what bet­ter way to make style changes than with live pre­view? Sim­ply change any set­ting and see it take effect right way from Appear­ance  Cus­tomize.

Bucket Style

The Style options con­trol the gen­er­al styling of the site, like accent col­or and Google Web Fonts. You can choose cus­tom fonts for var­i­ous typog­ra­phy ele­ments with font weight, charset, size and/or height. If you want to over­ride these ele­ments you can always use the CSS Edi­tor pan­el.


Here you can set up the desired Social Shar­ing Ser­vices for your entire site. Choos­ing from a var­i­ous list of ser­vices pro­vid­ed by AddThis you can eas­i­ly add, remove and track social shar­ing.

Site Identity

Here you can sim­ply choose a Site Title, Tagline, and a Site Icon to fur­ther per­son­al­ize your site.


Choose a back­ground col­or for the entire site.

Background Image

If you want to use an image as a back­ground you have some options avail­able here (see the print screen).

CSS Editor

Now you have the abil­i­ty to insert your own cus­tom CSS code straight into the Cus­tomiz­er and get a live pre­view of it. If you are look­ing for some CSS tweaks,  have a look around in our CSS play­ground sec­tion.

This article applies to Bucket, Heap, Mies, and Rosa as they share the same underlying structure.

Updated on May 8, 2017

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