Displaying Social Icons in the Menu

We live in a world where sharing has become a natural way of acting and reacting. We’re eager to let people know about amazing places, tasty food, or bold experiences.

That’s why social icons are much more than a witty approach to spreading messages. In fact, they are a solid gateway to encourage your audience to follow and connect with you by having a cordial and welcoming attitude. Moreover, it is a powerful strategy to create and consolidate a community relevant to your website.

Which social icons are supported?

The theme automatically recognizes your social media network and adds the appropriate icon.

We support a bunch of social services, but we encourage you to be aware that not all of them bring real value. Also, don’t abuse these channels because nothing good will happen. Depending on your website and your goals, search for the right social services. Start by finding out where your audience likes to spend time and try to create witty liaisons.

Updated on July 22, 2021

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