Systems Engineer

You’re the Godfather of our systems and the one who keeps them working.

The opportunity

Our main goal is to build creative products that make people’s lives easier and more pleasant. We deeply care about providing a lovely experience for our customers and we train to raise the bar on a regular basis.

To achieve this goal we need your help in developing and improving the underlying systems that keep the ball rolling, in improving the way we work and deliver our work to our customers and in making sense of all that is going on.

Also, Pixelgrade is a lovely place to work. Just take a peek inside our team or get some inspiration from our Instagram account.

Main tasks

  • Daily upkeep/maintenance and monitoring of current systems
  • Architecting new solutions for better stability and performance to us and our customers
  • Developing and maintaining systems for monitoring, data-gathering and automation tools (deployment, testing, quality assurance, etc), around Amazon Web Services

Accountable for

  • Acting like an ambassador of Pixelgrade (promote our work and be proud of it)
  • Behaving in resonance with our values (do and encourage positive behaviors)
  • Creating and implementing new ways of doing things better as a team and as a business

Know-how and skills

  • Experience in systems administration and a strong understanding of how the basic web-related services work (web servers, databases, caching, load balancers, high availability solutions, etc.)
  • Good understanding of API-driven architectures, microservices
  • Good knowledge of cloud based systems (especially AWS) and how to take full advantage of their offerings
  • Great programming skills and good knowledge of PHP, Bash scripting
  • Well versed in the best security and performance practices both with web and systems applications
  • Great troubleshooting skills: take big problems and break them down into manageable pieces with elegant solutions
  • Ability to work independently, with minimal supervision

Extra goodies that make us cheerful

  • WordPress development experience
  • Involvement in the open source community
  • Bachelor of Computer Science

Perks we don't take for granted

  • Complete transparency
  • Competitive salary and meaningful meritocracy
  • Catered lunch from Monday till Friday
  • Health assurance
  • Flexible in terms of working remotely
  • Open vacation policy
  • Full support in becoming a better team player (tools, resources, conferences)

Vlad, Back-end Developer

As an architect by nature, back-end developer by trade, and a Co-founder by choice, I would love to work next to a passionate systems engineer, ready to embrace all kind of complex challenges. I’m thrilled to have an impact on Pixelgrade’s evolution on a daily basis, and to shape its journey by doing meaningful work. Up for this adventure?

Find Vlad on:

Drop us an e-mail and do a good first impression. Attach your portfolio or any other digital goodies.