Post Formats

Since we all know not all content is created equal, Silk takes full advantage of the Post Formats WordPress feature. This way, you are able to adjust the story you want to share to a specific type from the following post formats:

Standard Post

On the blog and archives, standard posts will display the title, featured image, excerpt, date, and categories.

Quote Post

If you assign a featured image to your post we will display it behind your quote; if not, a gray background will be used instead.

To add an author to the quote, wrap it in a <cite>Author Name</cite> tag and place it inside the <blockquote> using the Text editor mode.

Gallery Post

The Gallery post format features the same elements as standard posts, except that the featured image is replaced with the first gallery image found in the post content. We also support Jetpack’s nice tiled and slideshow galleries, but you will need to activate the Tiled Galleries module activated.

Image Post

By assigning this post format to your post, you are telling us to treat it as if it only holds a single image. If it has a featured image, we will display that, if not, we will search for the first image in your post’s content and use that.

Updated on August 26, 2020

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