Creating the “Home” Page (Front Page)

Your Home Page is the perfect place to make a great impression and set the right expectations. You can add a catchy bio, highlight your favorite projects or showcase others in a beautiful grid. Let’s get started and drive outstanding results with those things in mind.

Step 1 — Create a Home Page

To create a simple yet impactful home page, you need to start from scratch. In other words, log into WordPress Dashboard, go to Pages, and click on Add new. To avoid mixing up things, write down a relevant name, such as Home.

Step 2 — Set the Portfolio Archive Page Template

You can easily set the ”Portfolio Archive” template on the same page. Just go to the sidebar at Page Attributes, click on Template, and choose the Portfolio Archive from the drop-down.

This format particularly allows you to display your projects within a grid. On top of that, it makes room to feature some of them in the Hero Area slideshow (check out this screenshot to see the result).

The Featured Projects’ main point is to highlight a few of your best works to grab attention and let people engage with them. The Featured Projects Options area is displayed under the Hero Area → Content section, and it offers you a lot of creative freedom to play with.

For example, you can easily select which Projects you want to display, the Number per page, or the Pagination Style (infinite scroll or standard). From there you can also excludethe featured projects from the grid list, so they don’t get duplicated.

Besides those options, you can go even further and customize the grid number of columns, spacing, and hover effect by going to Appearance → Customize → Theme Options, and click on Layout Portfolio Archive.

Step 4 — Set a Static Front Page

Let’s put the above-created page on the front page to finish this up. By default, WordPress displays the latest posts there. Therefore, to change that and show your new Home Page, please follow this quick method:

  1. Log into WordPress Dashboard
  2. Go to Settings → Readings, click on A static page (screenshot), and choose Home from the Front page drop-down.
  3. Click on the Save & Publish button to save your new settings.

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Updated on January 12, 2022

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