Creating the “Home” Page (Front Page)

Your Home Page is the per­fect place where you can make a great impres­sion and set the right expec­ta­tions. You can add a catchy bio, high­light your favorite projects or show­case oth­ers in a beau­ti­ful grid. With those things in mind, let’s get start­ed, and dri­ve great results.

Step 1 — Create a Home Page

In order to cre­ate a sim­ple, yet impact­ful home page, you need to start from scratch. With oth­er words, log into Word­Press Dash­board, go to Pages, and click on Add new. Write down a name that is rel­e­vant, such as Home, just to avoid mix­ing up things.

Step 2 — Set the Portfolio Archive Page Template

With­in the same page you can eas­i­ly set the ”Port­fo­lio Archive” tem­plate. Just go to the side­bar at Page Attrib­ut­es, click on Tem­plate, and choose the Port­fo­lio Archive from the drop-down.

This for­mat par­tic­u­lar­ly allows you to dis­play your projects with­in a grid. On top of that, it makes room to fea­ture some of them in the Hero Area slideshow (check out this screen­shot to see the result).

The main point of the Fea­tured Projects it to high­light a few of your best work to grab atten­tion and let peo­ple engage with it. The Fea­tured Projects Options area is dis­played under Hero Area → Con­tent sec­tion, and it offers you a lot of cre­ative free­dom to play with.

For exam­ple, you can eas­i­ly select which Projects you want to dis­play, the Num­ber per page, or the Pag­i­na­tion Style (infi­nite scroll or stan­dard). From there you can also exclude the fea­tured projects from the grid list, so they don’t get dupli­cat­ed.

Besides those options, you can go even fur­ther and cus­tomize the grid num­ber of columns, spac­ing, and hov­er effect  by going to Appear­ance → Cus­tomize → Lay­out, and click on Port­fo­lio Archive.

Step 4 — Set a Static Front Page

To fin­ish this up, let’s put the above-cre­at­ed page on the front page. By default, Word­Press dis­plays the lat­est posts there. There­fore, to change that and show your new Home Page, please fol­low this quick method:

  1. Log into Word­Press Dash­board
  2. Go to Set­tings → Read­ings, click on A sta­t­ic page (screen­shot), and choose Home from the Front page drop-down.
  3. Click on the Save & Pub­lish but­ton to save your new set­tings.

Addi­tion­al Read­ings:

This article applies to Fargo, and Pile as they share the same underlying structure.

Updated on October 27, 2017

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