Managing comments and conversations


What is a comment?

A comment is any message/text submitted by a reader for a certain post/article or page. It does not matter if it is a reply to another message or not.

What is a reply?

A reply is a comment in response to another comment. The reply becomes a direct response (or child) to the other, parent comment.

What is a top-level comment?

A top-level comment is a comment without any parent comments. We could say that top-level comments are direct responses to the main article.

What is a conversation?

A conversation is a top-level comment and its immediate replies. We could say that the top-level comment was the starter for a conversation, with people continuing the chain of thought, showing their appreciation or disagreement with the initial thoughts. Here’s a visual representation that can help you understand better.

How to get rid of spam comments?

The best way is to use a plugin with built-in spam prevention filters. Our recommendation is to us Akismet. It’s one of the most popular spam protection plugins, and, from our experience, it drastically reduces spam comments. To install it, follow the steps detailed in this article.

Updated on May 6, 2022

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