Design & Style Overview

We know that everyone is eager to shape their site according to their personality, values, brand, and interests. We’re happy to support this path not only by saying it, but also by providing real help.

All the available options available in our themes were designed to assist you in this customization process. We highly believe that offering a certain amount of freedom can’t harm your final results, and that’s why we encourage you to use a theme for its specific goals, and make it yours at the same time.

Basic rules for an eye-candy look and feel

Each and every theme from our portfolio has a set of particular style rules that give direction to help you build up a beautiful website. These rules frame the website’s core structure and work as a strong infrastructure for the content and style layers that you’ll fill over time.

We know for a fact that each website needs to have a unique voice that defines your style. That’s why we created a smart option system to guide you through this process. From making handy changes of colors to spacing adjustments and balancing fonts, each step brings you closer to a striking result. On top of that, this flow will create a strong liaison with your brand system.

Also, you can challenge everything by smartly using the Custom CSS Editor field. Moreover, for any advanced customizations, we highly suggest you use a Child Theme.

Why can’t I change everything in terms of style?

We’re a design studio with eight years of experience in building WordPress themes. In fact, design is at the core of everything we do: from producing striking products and writing clean and witty code to crafting an experience that counts. This being said, we take well-informed decisions (based on real insights and hard data) to give you the solutions you need to stand out from the digital crowd.

Therefore, the simple yet bold idea to have a consistent website is something we deeply care about. With all these boundaries, even though we think they’re not real struggles, you know for a fact that you have a safety net, and your website is in the spotlight.

Consistency across the board with Style Manager

We noticed that most of our customers are keeping the default design choices that come with our products. A sign that our designs are one of the strong reasons people choose us but, at the same time, one that also showed us that making design changes is a huge burden and one that the available tools were not fixing.

On the other side of the spectrum, some customers adventured into the realm of customization (since our products offered that flexibility) and, in the process, managed to take things too far and lose consistency along the way.

Our goal was to help both sides, those who needed a few finishing touches and those who go all-in, by creating an easy to use solution that fits everyone.

That’s how the Style Manager system was born, one that enables a more predictable and straightforward customization experience.

With it, you can adjust colors while retaining the overall logic and consistency of the design you fell in love with from the start.

The Style Manager system

The Style Manager system abstracts specific color controls and instead uses a list of carefully crafted Colors Palettes. You can still go beyond this system and change the base controls, but for most cases, the provided options are more than enough to adapt a website to your specific needs and branding.

Furthermore, learn how to change colors in a consistent way.

Updated on September 13, 2021

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