Mies LT User Handbook

Welcome! We've created a series of how-to articles, guides, and valuable answers to common questions. Use them all as you get to learn building your website. Look through, bookmark, and review at your own pace or send us a note if you have other questions.

Last addition on February 23, 2021

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Getting Started

Learn how to kick-off the journey of building an outstanding website.

Editor Blocks

Explore custom blocks to improve the way you create and showcase your content.

Design and Style

Master a set of tools to customize your site in safe conditions and match it to your needs and personality.

Pages and Content

Get familiar with how to manage the content into pages and sections to make sense for your visitors.

Guides and Resources

In-depth articles to get know-how that helps you make the most out of your website.

Advanced Customizations

Go the extra mile by exploring concrete solutions that make your website more powerful.


Resolve technical issues and common WordPress errors on your website.


Specific answers to common questions that most of the people have (and that’s fine).

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