Design & Style Overview

We know that every­one is eager to shape their site accord­ing to their per­son­al­i­ty, val­ues, and lifestyle. We’re hap­py to sup­port this path not only by say­ing it, but also by pro­vid­ing real help. The whole options of our themes were designed to assist you in this cus­tomiza­tion process. We high­ly believe that offer­ing a lot free­dom can’t harm your final results, and that’s why we encour­age you to use a theme for its spe­cif­ic goals, and make it yours at the same time.

Basic rules for an eye-candy look and feel

Each and every theme from our port­fo­lio has a set of par­tic­u­lar style rules that gives direc­tion in order to help you build up a beau­ti­ful web­site. Yes, this is pos­si­ble with­out hav­ing a sol­id knowl­edge of what a great design even means. These rules frame the core struc­ture of the web­site and work as a strong infra­struc­ture for the con­tent and style lay­ers that you’ll fill over time.

We know for a fact that each web­site needs to have an unique voice which defines your charis­ma. That’s why we cre­at­ed a smart option sys­tems to guide you through this process. From mak­ing handy changes of col­ors till spac­ing adjuste­ments and balac­ing fonts, each step brings you clos­er to a strik­ing result. On top of that, this flow will cre­ate a strong liai­son with your per­son­al brand­ing.

Also, you can chal­lenge every­thing by smart­ly using the Cus­tom CSS Edi­tor field. More­over, for any advanced cus­tomiza­tions we high­ly sug­gest you to use a Child Theme.

Fur­ther­more, learn how to change col­ors and adjust fonts in a con­sis­tent way.

Why can’t I change everything in terms of style?

We’re a design stu­dio with a rel­e­vant back­ground in build­ing Word­Press themes. In fact, design is at the core at every­thing we do: from pro­duc­ing strik­ing prod­ucts to writ­ing clean and wit­ty code until craft­ing expe­ri­ence that counts. This being said, we take well-informed deci­sions in order to help you and give you the solu­tions you need in order to stand out from the dig­i­tal crowd.

There­fore, the sim­ple, yet bold idea, to have a con­sis­tent web­site is some­thing we deeply care about. With all these bound­aries, even though we think they’re not real strug­gles, you know for a fact that you have a safe­ty net, and your web­site is in the spot­light.

Updated on April 20, 2017

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