Adding a call-to-action button to your navigation

Having a call-to-action (CTA) button in your navigation menu that’s usually visible at the top of your website is a great way to draw attention to an important page or section from your website. It can be your online shop, a reservation/booking system, a contact page, or anything else that helps you achieve your goals.

Visual representation of a call-to-action button in the navigation menu

The good thing is that Julia LT comes with this option pre-built, so all you have to do is follow a few quick steps:

  • First, add a regular menu item to the navigation menu that you will later transform into a call-to-action button. To learn how to do that, read this article
  • Next, from your WordPress dashboard, navigate to AppearanceCustomizeMenus;
  • Choose a menu, then click on a menu item that you want to transform into a button;
  • In the CSS Classes field, add the is-cta-button class;
    (if you don’t see the CSS Classes field, navigate to AppearanceMenus, click on the Screen Options button from the top right corner and check the CSS Classes option. View the screenshot for details)
  • When you’re done, click the Publish button.

Here’s a step by step video that can guide you through:

Adding a call-to-action button to the navigation
Updated on May 9, 2022

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