Map Block

Use the Map bock to display an interactive map and show the location of your venue. Place this block on your Contact page or at the bottom of your front page, making it that much easier to get your customers on the front door. We all want to save time when searching such details, so make sure you are doing it right.

Add a Map Block

To add a Map block to your content click the  inserter button inside the editor and search for “Map”. Alternatively, you can just type /map and press enter.

Register a Google Maps API key

For the map to display, you will need to register a Google Maps API key and include it in the Map block settings. Follow this link to read a step by step guide on how to create your own Google Maps API key.

Add a Location Pin

Enter your address location in the field at the top of the map and look at the suggestions list for your venue. Select the right one to drop the pin onto your location.

Customize the Design

You can customize the map styling with your site’s colors and hide nearby venues to avoid any distractions from competitors.

Updated on May 6, 2022

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