Theme Requirements

Like most software, Pixelgrade LT themes have specific requirements to be able to run properly. We recommend you the following:

WordPress version 

We currently support WordPress version 6.5.x.

If you’re using the Anima theme older than 2.0.10, you can use the Core Rollback plugin to roll WordPress back to version 6.2. To prevent future core updates, use the Disable Automatic Updates plugin.

Plugins version

  • WooCommerce version 8.8.3
  • Pixelgrade Care version 1.17.4 or newer
  • Nova Blocks version 2.1.7 or newer

To roll back a plugin (e.g. WooCommerce), you can do that by using the WP Rollback plugin. To prevent future plugin updates, use the Block Plugin Update plugin.

Hosting Requirements

  • PHP version 8.0 up to 8.3
  • MySQL version 5.7 or greater
  • HTTPS support
  • PHP memory should be 256M or greater.

You can usually ask your hosting company to install those versions for you.

Updated on May 3, 2024

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