Managing the MegaMenu System

As you can see in our demo, we have inte­grat­ed into Buck­et a nifty mega menu sys­tem that allows you dis­play the lat­est posts from a cer­tain cat­e­go­ry (or post for­mat) in the form of post cards or slid­er plus post cards (it’s your choice).

So how do you go around get­ting this? Well, like always, we’ve made it easy for you. It’s all in the Menu Edi­tor (Appear­ance > Menus in your WP admin pan­el).

Go to the menu you have assigned to the Head­er Menu loca­tion, and when you will add a menu item that is a cat­e­go­ry or a post for­mat archive link (only as top-lev­el items, not sub­menus), you will see that item’s prop­er­ties a new field invit­ing you to select a Mega­Menu lay­out of your choice (or leave it Default for plain old sub­menus), just like in the image bel­low.

You have 2 choic­es. The first one will dis­play only post cards, besides the sub­menu list — if they are present (like in the image bel­low), and the sec­ond one will dis­play a slid­er and post cards besides the sub­menu list — if they are present (like in the first image of this arti­cle).

Now, only one ques­tion remains, where do these posts come from. How do they get in that sweet place called Mega­Menu? Well, this is easy too. The post that is dis­played as post cards (like in the image above) are the lat­est posts from that spe­cif­ic cat­e­go­ry or post for­mat. The trick is with the posts that appear in the slideshow. These are the posts that have “Add to Cat­e­go­ry Slid­er” checked in the post edi­tor right side­bar (see below).

That is it. You are now mas­ter of the Mega­Menu sys­tem. Have a go at it.

This article applies to Bucket, as they share the same underlying structure.

Updated on April 22, 2017

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