Managing the MegaMenu System

As you can see in our demo, we have integrated into Bucket a nifty mega menu system that allows you display the latest posts from a certain category (or post format) in the form of post cards or slider plus post cards (it’s your choice).

So how do you go around getting this? Well, like always, we’ve made it easy for you. It’s all in the Menu Editor (Appearance > Menus in your WP admin panel).

Go to the menu you have assigned to the Header Menu location, and when you will add a menu item that is a category or a post format archive link (only as top-level items, not submenus), you will see that item’s properties a new field inviting you to select a MegaMenu layout of your choice (or leave it Default for plain old submenus), just like in the image bellow.

You have 2 choices. The first one will display only post cards, besides the submenu list – if they are present (like in the image bellow), and the second one will display a slider and post cards besides the submenu list – if they are present (like in the first image of this article).

Now, only one question remains, where do these posts come from. How do they get in that sweet place called MegaMenu? Well, this is easy too. The post that is displayed as post cards (like in the image above) are the latest posts from that specific category or post format. The trick is with the posts that appear in the slideshow. These are the posts that have “Add to Category Slider” checked in the post editor right sidebar (see below).

That is it. You are now master of the MegaMenu system. Have a go at it.

Updated on August 25, 2020

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