Creating an overlay page

Social con­nec­tions are very impor­tant for your brand aware­ness. Tim­ber moves things one step fur­ther and offers you the option to cre­ate an acces­si­ble resume for your port­fo­lio web­site on the social sec­tion to let your users find some more details about you in a sim­ple man­ner.

The small icon on the top right cor­ner of your web­site that can be used for this job. The main advan­tage of this sec­tion is that it can be eas­i­ly cre­at­ed and edit­ed using sim­ple wid­gets. The whole area is made out of 3 sec­tions: Over­lay — Con­tent (1), Over­lay — Left Side­bar (2) and Over­lay — Right Side­bar (3).

In order to edit the con­tent for this over­lay page, you just sim­ply need to go to the dash­board area and access the Appear­ance → Wid­gets sec­tion. You can find here all the sec­tions men­tioned above and add/remove any wid­get you like.

This article applies to Timber, as they share the same underlying structure.

Updated on December 2, 2017

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