Troubleshooting License Activation issues

This arti­cle is aimed at help­ing you trou­bleshoot some of the most com­mon issues encoun­tered when try­ing to acti­vate your pix­el­grade license, from with­in your Theme Dash­board page.

Invalid Token

This error means that your oAuth token has been inval­i­dat­ed, usu­al­ly due to a pre­vi­ous­ly failed login attempt.

The Fix
The eas­i­est way to fix would be to re-gen­er­ate your oAuth token by fol­low­ing these two sim­ple steps:

1. From your Word­Press Dash­board go to Appear­ance → Theme Dash­board → Sys­tem Sta­tus.
2. Scroll way down to the bot­tom of the page and hit the Reset but­ton.

Note: This will only reset your Pix­el­grade Care con­fig­u­ra­tion — it will affect absolute­ly noth­ing else on your web­site (like posts, pages, cus­tomiza­tion changes, etc).

401 — Unauthorized error

This error most­ly occurs when log­ging in through Enva­to. The most com­mon cause for this is that the token that has been gen­er­at­ed by Enva­to after click­ing the Login With Enva­to but­ton has either expired or has been inval­i­dat­ed.

The Fix
Luck­i­ly there’s an easy fix for this as well. All you need to do is to fol­low these steps in order to regen­er­ate your token:

1. Logout from your account.
2. Hit the Dis­con­nect but­ton from your Word­Press Dash­board→ Appear­ance → Theme Dash­board.
3. Hit the Con­nect to but­ton from your Word­Press Dash­board→ Appear­ance → Theme Dash­board. 

Recurrent 401 (Unauthorized) errors

This basi­cal­ly means that the instruc­tions above did not fix the before men­tioned error. Gen­er­al­ly, this hap­pens because of some sort of HTTP request caching mech­a­nism that has been enabled on your serv­er, which means that your serv­er will still be try­ing to con­nect with the bro­ken token.

The Fix
One thing you can try here would be to clear your server’s cache. This can be done by you direct­ly ( e.g. GoDad­dy has quite a descrip­tive guide on how to clear the server’s cache ) or, if you’re uncom­fort­able doing this,  by con­tact­ing your host­ing provider for addi­tion­al instruc­tions / help.

Updated on August 8, 2017

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