Why should I use WordPress?

We could pitch a lot about why WordPress is such a reliable option for you. However, we’d like to let you know about the main set of assets we think are most representative. We fully resonate with all of the following key benefits, and we grasp from our experience that they bring real added value in the short and long run as well.

In the end, WordPress powers 32% (and counting ) of the most influential websites in the world. A number that we think it speaks for itself.
Starting from here, we’ve put together a short list of the benefits we think are hard to beat by anyone else in the digital playground. Let us walk you through each of them.

Trust comes first

Is firmly related to the previous number of websites hosted on WordPress. Thanks to the wide range of relevant features and an active process of responsible development, it’s no wonder that some of the greatest brands use WordPress as a trustworthy partner.

Ease to use

Technology can be tricky, and we all know that. Well, WordPress is very accessible for anyone who has or hasn’t a technical background. You don’t have to be a hard coder nor an IT lover to figure out things with this platform. In fact, it’s the full opposite. Anyone can handle it from day one, and start making the most out of it.

Flexibility’s important

It tightens by the previous perk. We’d like to highlight that you have a number of themes and plugins to play around with, which makes everything run smoother. Customizing the design and the functionality of WordPress is a very easy-to-learn process, and gives you enough room to keep experimenting.


Open-source could be the surname of WordPress. It’s a concept that allows you to benefit from other great people’s work, and improving in ways, you find meaningful. This means that people love to gather around this platform, talk about how to make it better, and invest time and energy to achieve that. Community building is something that WordPress does successfully from scratch.

Search Engine Optimized

We strongly believe that good ranking is something you should care about. The great thing is that WordPress strikes in this area too. Is optimized for search engines, and, on top of everything, there are plenty of SEO plugins that can give you a helping hand in order to achieve the desired results.

Continuous evolution

The dynamic of WordPress is overwhelming in a very good sense. There a lot of good things happening with this platform on multiple levels. In the end, WordPress just wants to make everything safer and better for all the people who are using it on a regular basis, and who will join the ride shortly.

Updated on August 26, 2020

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