How To Remove Avatars Hovercards?

The avatars in Word­Press are pro­vid­ed by their ser­vice called Gra­vatar. When hav­ing the Jet­pack plu­g­in acti­vat­ed, Word­Press inserts a javascript that will show a card when you hov­er over the avatar image. This con­tains links to the user’s Gra­vatar pro­file link.

You can dis­able this behav­ior (this is theme inde­pen­dent) by going in the admin area to Set­tings > Dis­cus­sion and scroll down until you reach the Avatars sec­tion and uncheck the Gra­vatar Hov­er­cards, like in the screen­shot bel­low.

This article applies to Bucket, as they share the same underlying structure.

Updated on April 21, 2017

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