How can I have two different archives? (galleries or projects)

The main idea of an archive is to con­tain all the items on it. Even that, if you want to have two dif­fer­ent pages with dif­fer­ent projects/galleries on them, you can fol­low this.

  1. Cre­ate two cat­e­gories for projects.
  2. Assign projects to those cat­e­gories.
  3. Cre­ate two dif­fer­ent pages and set for both of them Cus­tom Home Page tem­plate and select Port­fo­lio Cat­e­go­ry. On each one, you have to set one cat­e­go­ry.

That’s how you can achieve two “dif­fer­ent archives”.

The steps pre­sent­ed are described for projects but you can fol­low the same steps for gal­leries too.

This article applies to Border, and Lens as they share the same underlying structure.

Updated on April 20, 2017

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