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  1. I am the only woman in the office, and that’s okay by Oana Filip
  2. The things we do not show by Vlad Olaru
  3. Self-talk until the end by LJ Frank
  4. A word I’ve been searching for all my life by Jim Antonopoulos
  5. We all have our not-so-proud moments by Andrei Ungurianu
  6. Reinventing my job is part of my job by Răzvan Onofrei
  7. I got hit by a car and survived by Ioana Făghian
  8. To forgive is to redeem yourself by Mădălina Lăcătiș
  9. In the hopes of doing it better by Cristi Lupșa
  10. I was living a good life, but I was not happy by Marta Brambilla
  11. The pieces will fall into place in the end by David Parrish
  12. Keep your minds and hearts open for every story. Even when it’s not yours. by Nabeelah Shabbir
  13. How a chronic illness taught me to slow down (the hard way) by Valentina Volcinschi
  14. Stories that shape us are not set in stone. They can be rewritten. by Oana Coman
  15. Growing up without a father by Mădălin Gorbănescu
  16. When you don’t recognize yourself in the mirror, where do you look? by Ilinca Roman

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