I’m writing these lines from home. I have a nice cup of black coffee next to me, fresh flowers, a jazzy & funk playlist turned on, and a few books around me. Fortunately, I can see outside from my desk, which is always lovely. Natural light is a blessing.
As a Chief People Officer, I actively avoid absolute truths and extremes of all kinds, such as — We need a hybrid working model, alternating between working remote and at the office!" "No, fully remote is the only way to go!" or "I don’t care, I need my people in the office now! I choose to focus more on what our team needs and how everything fits the culture. That’s not always crystal clear since we’re humans, not robots, but we’re improving one step at a time.
Today, working from home fits me.
In the end, it’s far more important to make choices that align with who we are instead of following prescripted advice.
The same applies to our customer interactions. Even though we’ve been talking with folks using our products for almost a decade (wow, time flies!), there’s still room for learning and getting better at communication and nurturing liaisons.
While we don’t have a recipe (nor, again, an absolute truth, wink, wink), we learned a thing or two about creating customer connections that last and make a difference in the long haul.
Andrei, my teammate and I, put together a thorough article that walks you through our way of building customer relationships. From how emotional relationships hugely impacted our business to the unexpected benefits that deeper customer connections brought us. At the end you will find our hands-on advice about how you can start building solid bonds with your customers on your terms.
I encourage you to give it a go and discover why customer relationships are the best fuel you can use to build a healthy and sustainable business.
Don’t hesitate to reach me back by replying to this email. I’m keen to hear your thoughts on this one. Now excuse me for a second; I’m going to pour some more coffee.
Cherish relationships,
— Oana
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