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Begonia Lite

A free blogging WordPress theme that creates momentum and makes a lovely intro to your journey.

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Discover how BEGONIA Lite will help you build a great blog

Design with a twist

Charming design

The visual approach highlights your unique personality and sustains a way of building your true‐to‐yourself brand.

The whole experience is packed into a fascinating journey that engages in an experiment that goes beyond what’s ordinary and familiar.

Make it your own

Mobile‐Ready and Responsive for All Devices

We knows how much you love your content and how critical it is to showcase it beautifully to all of your users, no matter the device they happen to use.

You can be sure that Noah will keep your content completely mobile‐ready and responsive.

Your Site In Your Own Language

You can make room for a bunch of cultures to enjoy your work and stories. Noah makes a good deal with WPML, which means is fully compatible and ready to go.

SEO for the win

We’ve made everything it requires in terms of SEO practices so that you can have a proper start. In the end, everyone has a thing for how they show up in search engines.

Clean Code

Writing clean, structured, consistent, smart code means that it can be easily extended by you or any developer you hire. With Noah, nothing but the latest WordPress features and standards are used.

Begonia PRO

  • Advanced Customizations
  • eCommerce Support
  • Premium Support