Design‐driven Gutenberg Blocks to make your WordPress site shine like a newborn star

We've recently launched the first version of Nova Blocks. You can check download it from the repository.

What’s the backstory?

For over 7 years, Pixelgrade has mostly focused on creating WordPress themes. It is a long time in this industry, and we wanted to use this experience and create new things while keep making the most of what we love: put design at the forefront and support people to have an impact.

We’re not alone in the universe, but what makes us special is that each block designed is a reinterpretation of everything we have learned throughout the years. We put our best to embrace all this knowledge in a collection of distinctive Gutenberg blocks. That’s why all blocks are:

  • Purpose-driven because you’re the creator and we have the expertise to present your ideas.
  • Encourage decisions above options, because you don’t want to spend your time and choose from three types of slideshow transitions.
  • Easy to use and adapt to your needs, because you don’t want to read the manual.
  • Focused on the design details, because you care to make an impression.

Isn’t it great (like a nova)? Don’t take those words for granted—give Nova Blocks a try and let us know what do you think.

Which blocks are shooting to the moon?

The “Hero of the Galaxy” Block

A great way to get your visitors acquainted with your catchy content. It comes with a powerful parallax feature which helps you bring your content into the spotlight.
View demo

The “Slideshow Me the Way” Block

Skyrocket your content by displaying an image slideshow towards the top of the page or anywhere else. Highlight what’s truly important in an engaging yet efficient fashion.
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The “Media Card” Block

Expand your digital opportunities beyond the horizon. Use it to set a single or a gallery of images, text, and a call‐to‐action button side‐by‐side anywhere on your pages or blog posts. Shoot for the moon and aim for the best results ever.
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