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Since we all know not all con­tent is cre­at­ed equal, Silk takes full advan­tage of the Post For­mats Word­Press fea­ture. This way, you are able to adjust the sto­ry you want to share to a spe­cif­ic type from the fol­low­ing post for­mats:

Standard Post

On the blog and archives, stan­dard posts will dis­play the title, fea­tured image, excerpt, date, and cat­e­gories.

Quote Post

If you assign a fea­tured image to your post we will dis­play it behind your quote; if not, a gray back­ground will be used instead.

To add an author to the quote, wrap it in a <cite>Author Name</cite> tag and place it inside the <blockquote> using the Text edi­tor mode.

Gallery Post

The Gallery post for­mat fea­tures the same ele­ments as stan­dard posts, except that the fea­tured image is replaced with the first gallery image found in the post con­tent. We also sup­port Jetpack’s nice tiled and slideshow gal­leries, but you will need to acti­vate the Tiled Gal­leries mod­ule acti­vat­ed.

Image Post

By assign­ing this post for­mat to your post, you are telling us to treat it as if it only holds a sin­gle image. If it has a fea­tured image, we will dis­play that, if not, we will search for the first image in your post’s con­tent and use that.

This article applies to Silk, as they share the same underlying structure.

Updated on March 13, 2017

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