Using the Custom CSS Editor

If you aim for achiev­ing more regard­ing the look-and-feel of your web­site, then play around with the options from the Cus­tomiz­er. There are plen­ty of them. How­ev­er, if you are look­ing to make some spe­cif­ic styling changes con­cern­ing the col­ors, fonts, or spaces, the best option would be to use the Cus­tom CSS Edi­tor.

All you have to do is to jump into the CSS Edi­tor under Appear­ance → Cus­tomize and start adding your CSS while you can see your changes pre­viewed live.

Since recent­ly, using CSS to alter the site appear­ance has been main­ly a web designer’s job. Now, you should know that you don’t need advanced design­ing or cod­ing skills to do this work by your­self. We’re giv­ing you a help­ing hand by refer­ring to some trust­wor­thy resources to assist you:

  1. Check out the CSS Basics arti­cle from, and don’t for­get to check the use­ful links at the bot­tom of the arti­cle.
  2. Or read the Intro to CSS sec­tion from Word­Press Train­ing com­mu­ni­ty.

Don’t want to learn CSS? Use a plugin!

If you want to cus­tomize your web­site even more but you don’t want to touch any CSS code, you can use CSS Hero plu­g­in. It is the most pow­er­ful tool that helps you to make live cus­tomiza­tions with­out writ­ing a sin­gle line of code. We checked it with our theme and it works beau­ti­ful­ly. Read more about it here.

Updated on December 7, 2017

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